Get Paid to Shop – Be a Mystery Shopper

Do you shop at a grocery store, at a department store, have your car serviced, stay at a hotel, or even eat at a restaurant? I know, it is a silly question. Things you are already doing, you actually can get paid for it. It is called Mystery Shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is when a company contracts people to be an undercover customer. Companies contract Mystery Shopping companies to make sure their employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Mystery shoppers are a company’s eyes and ears when they cannot be present.

Have you ever went to a restaurant, and the service was horrible? Maybe the food was not prepared correctly? Maybe you went to a department store, and there was garbage clutter throughout the store or clothes off the racks?

How do you start mystery shopping? You need to be someone who is organized and pays attention to detail. If you have ever completed a marketing survey or attended a focus group, it does help getting mystery shopping jobs. If you have not yet started mystery shopping, but you have completed surveys or attended focus groups, I think it will help you on your application. When I filled out my first mystery shopping application; I wrote down I have done marketing surveys, attended focus groups, and also shopped apartment complexes through my employer. To help you get a mystery shopping job, including everything related to marketing or giving your opinion about something will help you.

When starting to apply with Mystery Shopping companies, I recommend only filling out a few applications at first. Why? Well companies like people with experience and if you fill out too many applications and do not get any responses, it will make it harder to resubmit to the companies you already submitted too. You do not want to waste your time. I would start off by applying at a few companies and get established as a shopper before filling out several applications. If you get called by several companies it can be overwhelming too. I can tell you once you are completing mystery shopping jobs and applying with more companies, your phone will ring off the hook.

Being a Mystery Shopper, you are considered an independent contractor. An independent contractor is not employee of a company. You will not receive any benefits, a vacation or even sick time. The benefits of being an independent contractor is you can work your own hours and you work when you want. Being an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made over $600.00 with a particular company in a year. Taxes are not taken out of your checks, so you do have to report the 1099 to the IRS at tax time.

Mystery Shoppers must be detailed, observant, a neat writer, and creative. Mystery Shopping companies have contracted you to check out a particular store or restaurant and depend on you to provide as much information as possible. The mystery shopping company has to receive enough detailed information so they have the feeling that they personally shopped the store themselves. 레플리카사이트

When you get your first assignment, you must read over everything a couple of times. You have to make sure you know exactly what the company wants you to do and what information you must collect. If you forget to do something or forget to record something, the company may possibly deduct a little money off your check or not pay you at all.

When you visit a store, do not carry paper or a pen where people can see it. You have to be secretive about taking notes. You cannot let a store or restaurant know you are a Mystery Shopper. You must not tell anyone at the store or restaurant you are a Mystery Shopper, because you will not be paid in most cases. It would defeat the purpose of being there, right? When I have shopped grocery stores, I would make notes on my grocery list. If I shop a restaurant, I secretly make notes under the table. If you need a stop watch to record how long you were standing in line, how long your food was served, etc.; I recommend using your cellular phone or a watch. If I am not able to secretly take notes than I immediately write everything down when I get into my car.

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